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SEO – basic knowledge

Hello and welcome to my personal blog about SEO. In this article i will tell you in general what is SEO, why should you use it and how to move on. So let’s start!

Search Engine Optimization how much in these words.

SEO factors

Search engine optimization (SEO) – is a complex of actions of inner and outer optimization to rise your position in various web search engines, in cases to increase network traffic of your site and subsequent monetization of that traffic.

Regulary the Higher position in google search page, the higher is a number of a interested visitors. In the analysis of the effectiveness of search engine optimization we taking into account the time to get your site to the specified position and site conversion.

Key areas of SEO work

search engine optimization


Search engines taking in account many parameters of site when calculating his relevance, such as:

  • User Behavior (inner) – list of various actions of users that they can do at your site: enter in personal area, view of pages, click on links in text, menu and etc.
  • Key word Density – complex algorithms of search engines allow  to semantically analyze your text, to throw away all search spam (if key word appearing too often).
  • The Thematic Citation Index (TIC) – depending on the number and credibility of web resources, that links to this site; many search engines do not count reciprocal links (to each other).

Inner and Outer SEO factors

All factors that affect on position in search engines you can divide on inner and outer factors.

Inner factors

Inner optimization – work that targeted on rising quality of your site, and useability that it provide to user. It is work on structure of project, increasing readability and quality of this content. Amount of these factors is about ~200.

Inner optimization includes work with the headers of page, that contains in the code with a <h1>, <h2>, <h3> tags; text that appear in tab of browser – Title, and creating of unique content on these pages. Take attention to a meta-tag Description, this is what user see under url of your site in a search result.

Outer factors

Outer factors divided by dynamic and static:

  • Dynamic outer factors – Site relevance on the basis of a quoting its external web resources and their credibility, depending on the text citation.
  • Static outer factors – Site relevance on the basis of a quoting its external web resources and their credibility, regardless on the text citation.


Various methods of outer optimization:

  • Registry in various cataloges. You can do it by yourself or with the help of special recource’s.
  • Registry in catalogues of search engines like: Rambler/top 100, DMOZ catalogue, catalogue and many others.
  • Trade your links. There are a few trading ways: Straight, Circle, one-way (buying links)
  • Registry in such services as: Google My Buisness and any other like this.
  • Social network.
  • Press Releases.
  • Crowd Marketing.
  • Creating unique Blogs.
  • Creating a network of sites (Satellites), that used to increase number of quotes and links in search engine.

I will continue this articles in future, so stay with us!