Search Engine Optimization


Frequently Asked Questions

I’ll try to predict your questions to me, that you can ask through the Contacts Page so let’s begin:

Q: What is SEO?

A: This is a complicated question and i will give a full answer in one of my articles here on this site, but in general SEO is a Search Engine Optimization, this help to your site to take a higher position in various Search Engines (Like Google, Yaahoo, etc.)

Q: Why you start this blog?

A: When i started to learn SEO i just could not find any sources with a detailed information about SEO, and now, when i have some experience i decided to start my own blog. This will enchance myself aswell.

Q: How often will you write your articles?

A: Oh, i’ll try my best! But this is just a hobby, so i will write only in my personal time.

Q: Where you take all this info?

A:  Basically from my experience.